Sports Massage

3 things you need to know about Sports Massage

There are a number of reasons for an athlete to get a sports massage regularly. They are not only good for helping with recovery and soreness but also for relieving stress.

For athletes to stay on top of their game they need to stay in peak physical condition. Getting a sports massage can help them to do so. The massages are used for a few different reasons, to prevent injuries and to prepare for athletic activity.

1. Injury Prevention

By getting a massage before exercise an athlete is warming up the muscles. It stimulates the blood flow and the flow of nutrients. This allows the muscles to work freely and without tension. By doing this before each game or training an athlete is decreasing their chances of getting an injury massively.

2. Recovery

Receiving a sports massage straight after exercise is also important. It helps to reduce soreness all over the body and to speed up recovery time. Massages also loosen stiff muscles and improves flexibility. A massage after an event is usually light and gentle so it doesn’t damage tired muscles even more.

3. Relieve Stress

Competing at a high level in sport along with trying to juggle work along with it can be very stressful. Studies have shown that a 10-15 minute massage can relieve stress massively. It helps to decrease the heart rate and also to lower blood pressure.


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