HIIT for GAA Pre-Season

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for GAA Pre-Season. With many coaches up and down the country including it in their training regime. It is a short, sharp sort of exercise where you exert your full amount of energy but in a small time frame. It differs to the traditional long runs GAA teams do during pre-season. They are usually long runs where you have to conserve your energy to finish them out.

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a form of interval training over short spaces of intense anaerobic activity. The rest periods are also short and the training is done until you can do no more. High Intensity Interval Training is excellent for weight loss and general fitness. It is not the best for of exercise however for building muscle mass. Another benefit of it is you don’t need any equipment. It can be done in the comfort of your own home, so it leaves you with no excuses.


HIIT For GAA Pre-Season

HIIT is a great way to build stamina and fitness in a short amount of time. Although it is not very enjoyable and players hate it, it does have huge benefits for players and their fitness. Lots more strength and conditioning coaches are now looking to this form of training. It takes a lot less time up during training and it is more specific to the GAA. Short, sharp bursts of speed are what a gaelic or hurling match is all about these days.

HIIT Workout

There are many different variations available for this kind of workout seeing as no equipment is needed. Here is an example of a workout a GAA team would use in HIIT for GAA pre-season.

Jump Squats – 45s

Burpees – 45s

Mountain Climbers – 45s

Alternating Side Lunges – 45s

Jumping Lunges – 45s

Plank and side plank alternation- 1m (20 each side)

Each of these can be performed twice each with a 15s rest after each one in between. Again this is just one example of a workout, there are endless others that include situps, pressups and sprints.

After a few weeks of performing these exercises two or three times a week you will start to see results. The workout will become easier. This is when you can add time to lengthen it or even add in another exercise to the workout. After performing HIIT a few times a week along with the other GAA training you will be doing your fitness will improve to no end.

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